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Nicolas Monnier

Knowing and cooking truffles.
I believe these two notions are inseparable from one another. One cannot appreciate and cook truffles without knowing them.
As a farmer in Provence - the region of France where more than 70% of French truffles are produced for many years -, it is my pleasure to transmit everything I learned, from traditional farmers tricks to the most recent findings from research and development in agriculture.
As a cook, I want to share my recipes with others so that they can better appreciate fresh truffles -the different ways of cooking and preserving them.
With this "Knowing and cooking truffles" course, you will learn everything about truffles in their environment, confront theory with reality by going truffle hunting, and learn the basics about truffles cooking.
You will also enjoy the Haute Provence in winter, blue sky, transparent light and crisp wintercold.

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