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The program

What is the agenda?
Friday early afternoon Arrival at the Avignon TGV station,
5:00 pm, Arrival to the farm.
On Friday, you will visit the farm and have a first initiation to truffles.
7:00 pm, aperitif and dinner.
On Saturday morning, study of the biological cycle of truffles and introduction to basic cooking principles of truffles: crème fraîche, truffle butter and tartines.
12:00 pm, lunch.
On Saturday afternoon, truffles hunting in the truffle fields, study of different varieties of truffles, and cooking in the kitchen: eggs, scrambled eggs with truffles and egg casserole.
7:00 pm, drink and dinner
On Sunday morning, purchase and preservation of truffles, cooking in the kitchen (truffle oil, truffle salad) and truffle picking late in the morning.
1:00 pm, lunch.
On Sunday afternoon, free time, walking in the truffle fields or reading different books on truffles and research of truffles recipes.

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